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25 February 2007 @ 08:46 pm
I'm back again.  :)
Cirrus, Elena, and R-chan, returning to the mix.  :D  
20 February 2007 @ 02:18 am
Where am I?

And where are my sons?

08 February 2007 @ 03:10 pm
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(OOC:  Friend's List is Rufus, Reno, Rude, Tseng, Hojo, Aerith, and Alma)
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PUBLIC to Anyone Interested

Hey, I need some help moving my stuff from my apartment to the chocobo stable I'm going to open.  I need a bed, two dressers, a desk, and....well.....assorted furniture moved.  Can anyone help?
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04 February 2007 @ 11:08 pm
((OOC Notes:  The log that prompted this entry should be up in juuust a few minutes, it's getting spellchecked and whatnot while I write this.))
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03 February 2007 @ 02:44 am
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03 February 2007 @ 01:11 am
(OOC:  Elena's 'Friends List' is Rufus, Tseng, Rude, Reno, Alma, Aeris, and Demyx.)
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PUBLIC to Yuffie
Touch my chocobo again and I WILL shoot you.
22 January 2007 @ 01:31 am
A letter to EVERYONE:

So, everyone's up in arms about something going on here recently, and....I dunno, I've kinda been locked in the chocobo building I've picked out.  What happened here?
21 January 2007 @ 10:42 pm
So, I've got a building picked out for the chocobo ranch.  It's perfect, it's got everything, and it's close to the farmland.  Now I just need.... a fence, and a few more chocobos.  And...funding.....and..........crap, what else DO I need?

And, let's see, shachou asked me over for coffee a couple weeks ago, but I haven't heard back from him about it...  :/

I haven't seen Reno since the party, and Rude in even longer.

Is anyone still out there?
Feeling: lonelylonely
Background Noise: Nobuo Uematsu - Passing Sorrow